About Escape Electrics

My name is Emil McCabe and I started Escape Electrics because I am passionate about all things “off grid” (or self-sufficient) living. After time spent researching and investigating alternate energy options, as well as the rising cost of living it became apparent that there must be another way to live other than relying on the electrical grid.
This is where I discovered battery-powered living. A short time after this Escape Electrics was born.
Whether you live remotely, in a tiny home, in suburbia or in the city, we can provide economical options for you and your family to power your dwelling. This is achieved through our battery storage options; which as a result will have you living without a reliance on the usual means of electricity.
Longevity is our focus, while providing the best product at the best prices.

Picture this:

Have you ever wanted to own a battery-bank big enough that you could charge your EV purely from solar power?
Now, imagine that same battery-bank being able to power your entire home while your streets power was out...

Enter, Escape Electrics.